How to create brand awareness through digital media marketing

A bullhorn or Megaphone trumpeting a product's or comapny's branSuccessful business owners know that generating sales goes beyond having a product to sell. The success of your business also rely on how effective you are in creating visibility and awareness of your brand, products or services with targeted customers. In a rapidly growing digital age, businesses can get the same or even better visibility and exposure for their brands through digital media marketing. Creating greater awareness for your brand can be a bit challenging particularly for small and medium businesses, but emerging social media platforms can help level the playing field – giving your business potential access to more than 2.046 billion active social media accounts.

Here are some stats which i would like to share with you, help you to understand the importance of digital media marketing.


86% of these marketers acknowledged the importance of social media to their businesses, with 75% reported an increase in traffic while more than 64% generated an increase in leads spending just 6 hours each week on social media marketing.

1)  Select social media channel: Social media network is different from one another and caters to different targeted audiences based on their  social status, interests, and other demographics.Targeting a social network based on the number of active users in each platform. Generating brand awareness would also depend on the geographical location.

2) Social content: Once you have establish the social networks you will be focusing on, the next step is to optimize your social content that will enable you to create interesting content that your targeted audiences in these social networks will be interested in. Interesting content topics that goes viral are liked, shared, and commented on by targeted audiences. These types of content can be funny, educational, controversial, and visual – practically anything under the sun.

3) Analyze your engagement: A key element to boosting brand awareness through social media is to establish a healthy engagement with targeted audiences. Through engagement, you can interact with targeted audiences about matters pertaining to your industry or business, to your products or services, or to directly respond to inquiries, concerns or complaints.

  • Reach: which measures how many fans, followers, and impressions your brand and content generated from particular social network.
  • Mentions: which measures the frequency from which your brand was discussed or mentioned in a social network at any given period of time. You can also measure your share of mentions as a comparative ratio against your competitors, or the number of mentions your brand generated from a particular discussion thread that is relevant to your brand.
  • BackLinks: which indicate from where people engaging with your brand are coming from, including the particular type of content you generated that will drive attention and backlink to your brand.

Social media is a powerful and very effective tool for driving targeted traffic, engagement, conversions and sales from the growing number of active users. What’s more important is how effective social media can be for boosting brand awareness and these tools and techniques can help you establish a boaster social media strategy that will put your brand right on top of the social map.


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