What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is a process by which a seller gives awareness to buyer regarding product/services. The traditional marketing is done through offline procedures but these procedures now tend to become older and replaced by a new trend of marketing known as Digital Media Marketing. The digital media marketing boast the marketing processes and now days it become contagious every new day bring something new and if you want to survive in global world then you have to learn very rapidly. The digital media marketing is done through online and it gives you the opportunity to interact with the whole world. Digital media marketing includes, SEO (Content Writing , PPC, Link Building), Social Marketing  (Facebook, Tweeter, linked-in) , Email-Marketing.


The digital media marketing is very popular in business community and its very useful in Business to Business and Business to consumer sectors. Now a days seller can reach its customer in very short time at low cost. The digital marketing also give advantages to consumer likewise consumer can analyse the product features and evaluate different products while sitting at home. The digital media marketing allows marketers to track the Return on investment as compared to the traditional marketing. The digital marketing system comprises of CMS(Content Management System), Web, Mobile, Tablet PC  and social channels.


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